Cumming Home Rentals initiated it's home rental business in 1984 with the acquisition of three homes.  Within a few years it became clear that we could build better rental homes than we were buying and we began to construct homes, keeping one in four for a rental home.  As time passed, we discovered that many of our renters liked being near Lake Lanier and these homes rented more quickly.  Today most of our homes are less than 10 years old are between 1000 and 2000 square feet, have 2 to 4 bedrooms, 2 or 3 baths. They are located in areas rich in trees and natural beauty and are near Lake Lanier.  Our staff is well prepared to help you locate a rental home that meets your needs.  We have a maintenance crew that has been with us many years and is very responsive to any problems that might occur or need attention.  We would be delighted to meet you and help you make the necessary arrangements to re-locate to one of our homes.